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[SPOILER] 'The Bachelor' Women Tell All: Top Spoilers of the Night

Tonight, ABC will air the two-hour "Women Tell All" episode for this season of The Bachelor. It's gearing up to be a dramatic night, with surprises, catfights, and, of course, tears.

According to Romper, the Women Tell All was recorded on February 13. Yes, the day before Valentine's Day. The biggest drama of the night will (unsurprisingly) revolve around Krystal.

Never-Before-Seen Footage of Krystal Shows Her Bad-Mouthing Arie

Didn't Krystal always seem so in love with Arie? Wasn't she a "smitten kitten" when he brought her home to meet his parents? Didn't she pull him away in the middle of a rose ceremony to say that she "really felt a connection with him?" Yes, yes and yes.

So, this never-before-seen footage of Krystal bad-mouthing Arie (in a BIG way) is all the more confusing. And, well, juicy.

According to Reality Steve (who admits that while he knows what went down during the taping, he isn't sure what made the cut), footage shows Krystal speaking to Maquel about the bowling date. (Refresher: on a bowling group date, the team who won was promised extra time with Arie. After Krystal's team won, Arie said the losing team was going to be getting extra time, too.) In a bathroom in Ft. Lauderdale (when they clearly didn't know their mics were on), Krystal tells Maquel that Arie only asked the losing team to join the date so “he could make out with all the c**ts.” She also called him a “needle d**k.”

That was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back. According to Reality Steve, Caroline Lunny (who you may not remember because she didn't get a whole lot of airtime) calls Krystal a sociopath, while the other girls call her out for other rude things she allegedly did to them.

Reality Steve also reports that his sources say Krystal was "heavily inebriated" during this.

Arie Shuts Krystal Down

When Arie shows up, Steve says that Krystal returns to the stage, asking for an explanation, and "Arie pretty much shut her down."

He reportedly tells her that she deserved to go home, and he kept her there too long. Most of America seems to agree.

Krystal's Instagram, however, boasts a surprising number of fans who think she's "adorable" and "seriously perfect."

Caroline Confronts Arie

Not too much can be said about this topic, and it is unclear if it even made the cut.

According to Reality Steve, though, Caroline, full of fury, stares Arie down during the 'Women Tell All' and says "I know what you did." If you want to know what she's talking about, read this. But beware of a BIG SPOILER for the end of the season.

Be sure to tune into the Women Tell All tonight at 8pm ET/PT.