Why Is Research Into Cardiovascular Disease in Women Decades Behind That of Men? [REPORT]

Despite the health education classes, emergency response training, and the Public Service Announcements you grew up with, scientists have only begun earnestly studying heart disease in women in the last 18 years.

#LetItFlow Campaign Raises Awareness About Cruel & Unusual Treatment in Women’s Prisons

Incarcerated women lack adequate feminine hygiene products in many states, and male legislators don’t care.

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Halt Detained Immigrant Girl’s Abortion

Just as federal officials accepted defeat in trying to prevent one undocumented immigrant teen from terminating her pregnancy, the Trump administration turned around and asked the Supreme Court on Monday to block the abortion of another teenage immigrant currently in custody. This request was made despite a federal judge issuing a temporary restraining order, forcing … Continued

Obama Administration Protects Planned Parenthood from Politics (And Some Republicans are Secretly Glad)

[DIGEST: HuffPo, The Hill, Chicago Tribune] The GOP has waged a longstanding battle with Planned Parenthood, ostensibly over its abortion services. However, that procedure represents just three percent of the organization’s services, and by law, taxpayer money already cannot be used for abortions. Planned Parenthood does, however, receive $450 million in federal dollars to provide … Continued



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