Climate Change Could Reduce Coffee Production By 80% By 2050

Climate change will cause coffee acreage to shrink by 2050.

Millions of Bees Killed By Accident in South Carolina

[DIGEST: Washington Post, Gizmodo] An effort to prevent Zika-infected mosquitoes from taking root in South Carolina has dealt a major blow to the local honey bee population. Bees died in massive numbers after officials in Dorchester County approved the spraying of Naled, a common insecticide that kills mosquitoes on contact, over the countryside. Trucks spraying … Continued

Obama’s Task Force Misses Deadline: Is it Too Late to Save the Bees?

In a recent letter to the White House, CEOs of leading environmental groups urged President Obama to take strong and swift action against insecticides that are devastating honey bee and wild bee populations, threatening the nation’s food supplies. These insecticides, called “neonics” or “neonicotinoids” are particularly lethal to bees, because “they poison the whole treated plant including … Continued



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