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How to Play 'Sea of Thieves' for Free on Xbox One

Gamers have had their chance at playing Sea of Thieves since the first closed beta in January. On March 20, the game officially launched to those that didn’t get the chance to join in on the high-seas hijinx. Developed by Rare, the studio behind Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Sea of Thieves is a massive online multiplayer where players take control of their own pirate ship. Sailing the rough seas, searching for hidden treasures and ridding the world of rival pirates, players will explore a mysterious world, controlling various aspects of their ship including hoisting sails and firing cannons on enemy vessels.

As wanna-be pirate lords embark on their personalized journey, they’ll happen upon rival players in a shared world. Whether they join forces for a treasure hunt and take on a stronger foe or reduce one another to the seafloor is a decision that will need to be frequently made throughout Sea of Thieves.

The full experience of Rare’s Sea of Thieves is $60, plus the cost of the monthly Xbox Live subscription. However, Xbox One owners do have the chance to play Sea of Thieves for free, if only for a limited time. The Xbox Game Pass allows players to play a collection of games for $10 a month. According to Microsoft, included in that collection are newly released first-party titles, meaning Sea of Thieves will be included upon release.

While $10 isn’t free, new Game Pass users can sign up for a 14-day free trial. For two weeks, gamers can try out Sea of Thieves for free, plus the cost of Xbox Live. Considering the mixed reception of the closed betas, Game Pass is a great way to try out Sea of Thieves without having to lose $60.