READ: Senator Rand Paul Tweets ‘I Have Some Grievances With People in Washington, Fellow Members and Others. It’s Time to Talk About Them Now’


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) left social media users scratching their heads after he marked Festivus––a made-up holiday during which people can air grievances about others that served as the theme of a Seinfeld episode––with a series of tweets taking aim at a host of political figures, including President Donald Trump and Mick Mulvaney, who will serve as Trump’s acting White House Chief of Staff, beginning in 2019.

Paul chose to start with “a grievance against the entire foreign policy establishment of Washington DC, who 2 years ago were swearing that Donald Trump was going to start multiple nuclear wars or something.”

“Now they are mad because he is STOPPING two wars,” he said, referring to the president’s announcement that he would pull troops out of Syria and Afghanistan.

Paul then turned his attention to those in Washington who “have literally NO IDEA how to spend your money.”

He took on the National Institute of Health…


The National Science Foundation…

This also served as an opportunity for him to spotlight foreign aid reports which show the U.S. government has been providing aid to the Chinese, who are the U.S.’s top lender.

Along the way, he took shots at Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Mick Mulvaney, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Social media users did not know what to think of Paul’s tweet storm.

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