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Mitt Romney Just Said What We're All Thinking About Donald Trump's Child Separation Policy, But People Have Questions


Utah Senate candidate Mitt Romney (R) tore into President Donald Trump's family separation policy during the only debate with his Democratic opponent, Jenny Wilson.

"This was a heartbreak," the former Massachusetts governor said on Tuesday. "This was a dark chapter in American history to see children separated from their parents and to see, as you've described, a young child that hasn't seen their parents in a long time. This is inexcusable and can't go on."

Romney bemoaned the United States's long-standing unwillingness to enact effective immigration reforms, and that any policy should target employers that recruit people who illegally enter our country.

“I think we have to have a secure border, a southern border, I think we have to have a verified system that allows us to punish companies who have hired people who come here illegally," Romney said.

Romney argued that the issue of immigration is not just political, but human.

“Year after year we talk about immigration and nothing gets done. Whoever of the two of us gets there, let's pull people together and say let's get something done," Romney declared. "This is inexcusable in America’s history and for humanity.”

People appreciated the sentiment.

But many on social media are tired of talk and are especially skeptical of Romney.

Thousands of children are still in custody in various detention centers across the country, and Romney's use of the past tense has some of the public outraged.

Twitter took note of Romney's remarks, but words only go so far. The American people want action.

Romney is expected to cruise to victory in November to replace retiring Republican and fellow Mormon Orrin Hatch.