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People Are Relating Hard to This Democratic Congresswoman Who Went an Entire Day Wearing Two Different Shoes

Representative Mary Gay Scanlon. (Screengrab via CNN/YouTube)

Representative Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) had one of those days when you're so busy you don't even realize you've gone the entire time with two different shoes on your feet.

Scanlon posted pictures of her fashion flub to social media, saying it's a sign of "the pace of things" in Washington, D.C.

We've all been there, though. Other social media users stood in solidarity with the Congresswoman.

Others shared photos of their own. It turns out this is pretty common, so we're pretty sure Scanlon, who appeared good-humored about the whole affair to begin with, enjoyed a hearty laugh over this.

This happens to us all and Scanlon is in good company.

Last week, Canadian journalist Adrian Harewood, who anchors CBC Ottawa News shared a similar story that garnered viral attention.

"No one said a word," he wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of his own mismatched shoes.

Harewood said he felt a bit foolish when he realized his error, which took place on a busy day packed with interviews.

Solidarity was the name of the game, though. Harewood, like Scanlon, was definitely not alone.

We've all been there. Rest easy.