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Jimmy Kimmel Trolled Trump Supporters on Healthcare and They Don't Get It

Fake news both sides can get behind.

Jimmy Kimmel Trolled Trump Supporters on Healthcare and They Don't Get It

On Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel urged his viewers to sign up for Trumpcare. Here's the catch: Trumpcare doesn't exist.

“[Trumpcare] actually has a lot of good stuff in it,” Kimmel said. “It covers pre-existing conditions; it has no lifetime caps; you can keep your kids on it; and it’s surprisingly affordable, especially for people making under $50,000. So to the president, I say, good for you for putting this out there. We do a lot of criticizing; we should also highlight the positive when it’s warranted.”

In fact, Kimmel was encouraging his fans to sign up for Obamacare, under a different, made-up, name. Kimmel justified the name change by noting that the Trump administration was now in charge of the program.

"Trumpcare" failed to make headway multiple times this year. Kimmel himself made the case for the Affordable Care Act; in the spring, he detailed his son’s recent birth and heart surgery and urged Congress not to gut health care access. Kimmel’s emotional monologue quickly went viral. Months ago, Kimmel pointed out that many viewers don’t know that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, the same thing as Obamacare... and he fooled some of President Donald Trump's supporters into singing his praises.

He read some of the Facebook comments he received:

  • “Got to respect Jimmy for keeping an open mind. Goes a lot into healing the divide.”
  • “Funny how he made fun of the president for ruining the health care, but now that he’s actually proposing a great plan, Jimmy is praising it. Stupid liberals could have been supportive from the beginning instead of giving those ridiculous speeches.”
  • “Too bad you’re just now finding the content of our president’s agenda worthwhile. About time you woke up to smell America again.”
  • From a social media user named Trevor: “Jimmy Kimmel has been pretty hard on the GOP and Trump but even Jimmy would like you to check out this administrations HealthCare.gove website. You can sign up until December 15th!” (Kimmel's response to that last one: “Exactly Trevor. You understand perfectly what’s going on here.”

Those who were in on the joke congratulated Kimmel profusely.

"Sort of surprising the number of people who don't get the joke. Jimmy was doing poker-faced irony. And doing it brilliantly," wrote one user.

"Watch... Trump is so dense that he will probably say thank you to Jimmy for finally being nice to him," wrote another.

"Can somebody please slowly spell this joke out for the Cult...You may have to repeat yourself a couple of times. I just don't have the patience anymore," wrote yet another.

According to Vanity Fair, "How many Trump supporters will Kimmel actually trick? Probably not that many—but for the droves of scorned voters feeling emotional on this particular day, it’s probably worth taking a moment and hanging on to that win—as well as the multiple liberal victories Tuesday night in local elections."