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Trump Just Admitted He Wants to Ram Through Ginsburg Replacement to Decide the Election

Trump Just Admitted He Wants to Ram Through Ginsburg Replacement to Decide the Election
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The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week stunned the nation. In addition to the national loss of a decades-long public servant, the question of Ginsburg's replacement has infused the 2020 election with even greater urgency.

In a complete reversal of the stance they took when Obama attempted to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016, Senate Republicans—with the approval of President Donald Trump—are working to confirm a replacement for Ginsburg before the election in six weeks.

Trump revealed why in a Wednesday meeting with Republican attorneys general, where he said he believes the Supreme Court will be deciding the election in 2020.

Watch below.

Trump said:

"I think this will end up in the Supreme Court and I think it's very important that we have nine justices, and I think the system's going to go very quickly ... I think this scam that the Democrats are pulling, it's a scam, this scam will be before the United States Supreme Court and I think having a 4-4 situation is not a good situation."

Trump's comments come just after further revelations about the GOP's intentions to use the Supreme Court to keep hold of the White House.

The Pennsylvania GOP intends to ask the Supreme Court to review a lower ruling that allowed for relaxed absentee voting deadlines. Another purported scheme from the Trump campaign is its effort to pressure swing states with Republican dominated state senates and houses to appoint electors willing to vote for Trump even if the people of their state didn't.

Trump's comments struck a foreboding chord.

Elections—for those who may not know—are supposed to be decided by the people.