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Ohio Dem Slams GOP's 'Fear of Democracy' in Fiery Testimony During Redistricting Hearing

Ohio Dem Slams GOP's 'Fear of Democracy' in Fiery Testimony During Redistricting Hearing

A key ingredient to the Republican party's continued liability is gerrymandering—the redrawing of political districts to practically ensure control for one party. The results often lead to ridiculous looking districts such as OH-9 and TX-2.

With the 2020 Census results now public knowledge, states across the nation are wrangling with how to redraw their districts in the face of changes in population. You can bet Republican officials are jumping at the chance to further entrench their voters in partisan maps.

Among those states redistricting is the swing state of Ohio.

In public comments to the Ohio Redistricting Commission, prominent Ohio Democrat David Pepper railed against the latest proposal, which would draw the state with 13 likely GOP districts and just two likely Democratic districts.

Watch below.

Pepper told the commission:

"This map does not represent this community. ... This map represents the people who drew it and those who will support it. What it really represents, in this shape, is fear. Fear of voters. Fear of this community speaking with one voice. ... Fear of democracy. Fear of the voters of communities like Cincinnati. Fear is drawing these maps."

He particularly highlighted Republican Congressman Steve Chabot, who stands to majorly benefit from the current proposal:

"If the citizens of this community come together and speak as one, someone like a Chabot is all of a sudden having to fight for his seat. He may even lose that seat. That's what this shape represents."

People cheered Pepper's takedown.

After the onslaught of Republican voter suppression bills in after the 2020 election, voting rights are a major focus ahead of future elections.

Hopefully people in power will follow Pepper's lead.