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Here’s how you can contact The 2NEX Team

Second Nexus welcomes complaints about errors and will issue corrections where warranted. Communications, correction requests or other comments on our stories can be e-mailed to corrections@ohmyyy.gt. Recently corrected articles will bear a notice explaining the correction along with the date and time of the correction.

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Editorial Staff

Todd Beeton / Editor in Chief (todd@the-social-edge.com)
Kinnari Shah / Senior Editor (kinnari@the-social-edge.com)
Alan Jude Ryland / Editor (alanj.ryland@the-social-edge.com)


Evan Brechtel / evan.brechtel_c@the-social-edge.com
Stephanie Casella / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Amelia Mavis Christnot / achristnot@the-social-edge.com
Hope Cochran / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Shannon Cuthbert” / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Robin Evans / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Timothy Evans / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Christopher Foley / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Brandon Gage / brandon@the-social-edge.com
Amy Goetzman / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Chris Heide / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Paul Lawrence / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Richard Levangie / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Amy McElroy / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Kat Merck / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Kristina Robinson / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Jordan Rosenfeld / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Aileen J. Wagner / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Shoshana Wodinsky / contributors@the-social-edge.com
Alison Wilkinson / contributors@the-social-edge.com

For other issues and requests write:

Second Nexus
1001 Ave of the Americas
14th Floor
New York, NY 10018

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