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Chinese New Year 2018: Best Year of the Dog Memes

Happy New Year! Well, Happy Chinese New Year, at least. As we leave the Year of the Rooster, we enter into the Year of the Dog. People born during the Year of the Dog are thought to be communicative and severe, which helps them retain their responsible and hardworking nature.

People born during the Year of the Dog are said to be good-natured and quick to help those around them. They are, however, known for their harsh and sharp criticisms on matters they don’t understand. Famous Dogs have included Madonna and Michael Jackson, with Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Justin Bieber falling under other elemental canines.

It’s believed that for those born in the Year of the Dog, 2018 is going to shape up to be an unlucky year. According to Chinese astrology, Dogs will offend the God of Age, Tai Sui, who will, in turn, bestow misfortune upon them. Rather than dwell on the possibility of a challenging year ahead of you, if you’re a Dog, consider giving yourself a chuckle over this collection of the best Year of the Dog memes.

Chinese New Year 2018: Year of the Dog Memes

What more is there to say? It is the Year of the Doge or Dogo.

May not be the right "New Year" celebration for a resolution, but this is an Earth Dog's directive if ever there was one.

Try to get past the Earth Dog's stoic and serious personality by having a little fun.

What better celebration for the Year of the Dog than to have dogs completely overtake the internet?

Inspirational speeches are the most important part of finding success. Any Earth Dog can tell you that.

Don't interrupt an Earth Dog when it's on the path to a plan. Granted, if said Earth Dog is wearing spaghetti on his/her head, it may be time to walk away.

A meme that works in more than one way. First, it's a clever dog meme. Second, it's a meme about Trump, who happens to have been born during a Year of the Dog.

Ever the hard worker, this Earth Dog is all about starting early.

Maybe he's being his typical serious self, but clearly, this Earth Dog has done the math.

Never compare your accomplishments to those of an Earth Dog. It won't go well.