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Right-Wing Author Mocked For Claiming Trump Was 'Greatest Baseball Player In NY'

Right-Wing Author Mocked For Claiming Trump Was 'Greatest Baseball Player In NY'
@nickaone/Instagram; Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Australian conservative author Nick Adams boldly claimed on Twitter that former Republican President Donald Trump was the "greatest baseball player in New York during his time in high school."

According to Adams, the only reason Trump didn't become a MLB player was because "God was calling elsewhere."

He further clarified Trump was not the best player in just New York City, but in the whole state of New York. Adams added the only reason Trump didn't follow in Babe Ruth's footsteps was so he could go on to become the "richest man to ever live" instead.

You can see Adams tweets here:

A few people pointed out a striking resemblance between some authoritarian countries' propaganda and what Adams was posting.

People are roasting both Adams and Trump in the comments.

This is far from the first time Adams pushed the narrative Trump is somehow superior to everyone else.

Adams' book Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization received a healthy dose of criticism since it was released in 2020.

On Goodreads, it has a rating of only 2.61 stars and a plethora of scathing reviews such as this one:

"I believe that to place Donald Trump in a category as elevated as Winston Churchill is a great insult to the British Prime-minister."
"I am still unable to comprehend Nick's thoughts in comparing the two leaders as Trump has proven to lean in an almost authoritarian direction whereas Churchill had fought against the Hitler Regime and USSR."
"This book represents contradiction in its most blatant form."