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Photo of Insurrection-Denying Congressman Helping Barricade the Door on January 6th Emerges After 'Tourist' Comments

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Last week, Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde of Georgia sparked backlash during a committee hearing on the deadly failed insurrection at the United States Capitol this past January.

Clyde said that calling the insurrection an insurrection was a "bald faced lie" and that footage from that day resembled a "normal tourist visit."

Watch below.

Clyde was just the latest House Republican to dismiss the severity of the Capitol Riots in order to deny the role former President Donald Trump's election lies—and the Republican party's embrace of them—played in the day's violence.

A bevy of photos and videos from that day show that its calamity was anything but a "normal tourist visit." Rioters shattered windows, ransacked offices, smeared excrement across the walls, pinned a Capitol Police officer between a door, and attacked officers with bear spray and flagpoles.

But now another photo is refuting the alternate reality Clyde presented at last week's hearing.

It doesn't feature rioters—but Clyde himself.

The photo—taken by Tom Williams for CQ Roll Call/Getty Images—shows Clyde assisting others in barricading the House Chamber's entrance, hoping to stall the incoming rioters from gaining access.

While rioters were able to overtake the Senate floor only minutes after it was evacuated, they weren't able to gain access to the House floor, though one of the insurrectionists—Ashli Babbitt—died trying to enter the Speakers' Gallery.

The photo was even further evidence that Clyde himself knew the dangers of that day.

His "tourist" comments soon backfired.

Since making the comments, Clyde has insisted he was taken out of context.