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Someone Set Video From Trump's Trial To The 'Full House' Theme Song—And It's Perfect

After video from within the courtroom of Trump's civil fraud trial was posted, artist Rob Israel set it to the 'Full House' theme song and the internet is loving it.

Twitter screenshots of Donald Trump and Judge Arthur Engoron during Trump's trial

After video from within the courtroom of former President Donald Trump's civil fraud trial was posted online, artist Rob Israel set it to the 'Full House' theme song, complete with opening credits. And people are loving it.

Israel gifted social media users with the hilariously creative video after the former President appeared in a New York courtroom on Monday to confront the first of several government actions against him.

New York Attorney General Letitia James' team accuses Trump of inflating his net worth by over $2 billion to secure favorable deals with banks and bolster his reputation as a wealthy individual.

Israel shared the video with the following caption:

"Loving the new Donald Trump Show."

You can see the video below.

People loved it.

And in a very sweet familial moment, Israel's brother told Israel's followers that he "is a super-talented independent artist" and urged people to "show him some love follow him on Instagram and reach out to him to commission some artwork."

Trump's civil fraud trial not only imperils his business empire but also poses a significant threat to his carefully cultivated image as a business magnate.

The opening day of the trial witnessed a courtroom showdown between Trump and Attorney General James, whose office filed the civil fraud case against Trump, his adult sons, and their family business. If the case proves successful, Judge Arthur Engoron, who presides over the trial, could impose penalties on Trump, including $250 million in damages.

Afterward, Trump didn't hold back, launching personal attacks on both James and Engoron. He labeled the judge as "rogue" and referred to James as "a terrible person," even insinuating that they could be involved in criminal activities.

The trial is expected to stretch over a month and is anticipated to feature testimony from Trump himself. Despite his legal troubles, he consistently leads in polls among Republican contenders and has leveraged the cases against him to fuel fundraising efforts.