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St. Patrick's Day 2018: Best Memes to Celebrate With

There is a meme for every occasion, especially when it comes to annual holidays. St. Patrick's Day, a day-long event dedicated to the Romano-British Christian missionary St. Patrick, is prime territory for a slew of different hilarious memes.

March 17 marks the anniversary of the saint's death, which occurred in 461 in Saul. For 40 years before his passing, St. Patrick lived in poverty and traveled often, spreading the word of Christianity. After becoming the patron saint of Ireland, Patrick became known for baptizing hundreds of people in one day.

The 1,000-year-old celebration started after the death of the saint, who was credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland. While the parade has become a big part of the yearly celebrations, the procession's origins are far removed from Ireland and the saint's passing. The very first St. Patrick's Day parade was held March 17, 1762 in New York City. Though held in honor of St. Patrick, the parade was organized by and consisted of the Irish soldiers that were serving the British.

Regardless  whether you celebrate the day with green beer, corned beef, and parades or keep things subdued, everyone should start off their St. Patrick's holiday with some of these funny memes.

St. Patrick's Day Memes

You've been warned!

The best thing about St. Patrick's Day: the shamrocks and the shenanigans!

How can you tell you're from an authentic Irish family?

The most important part of any holiday is learning the history of those it celebrates. Dwight is here to set the record straight about St. Patrick.

St. Patrick's Day goals! The best moneysaver ever is not being awake to spend it.

Funny how St. Patrick's Day turns everyone into an Irish national.

It's okay. The Irish shouldn't mind sharing.

We all know somebody like this... and wish they'd stop spending e-mails.

Tired of seeing so much green? Take a clue from Grumpy Cat!

Um. No thank you, Oprah.