READ: Michael Cohen Tweets to Donald Trump: ‘Today Is #InternationalWomensDay. You May Want Use Today to Apologize for Your Own #Lies and #DirtyDeeds to Women’

That’s one way to go.

President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter against his former attorney Michael Cohen on Friday morning, accusing Cohen of lying about having never asked for a presidential pardon.

Cohen swore under oath before the House Oversight Committee that he never sought a pardon from Trump. Days later, reports emerged which question the accuracy of Cohen’s testimony.

Trump, however, disputes Cohen’s recollection of events entirely.

Trump’s tweet sparked a tit-for-tat between the two men. Cohen responded by calling Trump a liar and hammering the president on his treatment of the two women whose silence Cohen bought at the behest of his boss a few weeks before the 2016 election.

“Just another set of lies by @POTUS @realdonaldtrump,” wrote Cohen. “Mr. President…let me remind you that today is #InternationalWomensDay. You may want use today to apologize for your own #lies and #DirtyDeeds to women like Karen McDougal and [Stormy Daniels].”

Cohen’s willingness to throw Trump under the bus is the mid-season entertainment we need.

Cohen worked with Trump for more than a decade. We are not going to forget that it was Cohen’s job to lie for Trump and act as his “fixer” for the better part of ten years.

Sure, Cohen certainly regrets getting caught, but he is doing his darnedest to make things right.

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