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Last Minute Valentine's Ideas Your S/O Will Love

Another Valentine’s Day has somehow snuck up on you and, despite loving your significant other, you’ve spaced on getting a gift or making reservations. It’s not that you’re careless or don’t want to see them happy, but sometimes life gets in the way, and you merely forget about Valentine’s Day until you feel like it’s too late. It may seem like the perfect time to panic, but what if you can salvage the day and let them know how you feel?

Though Valentine’s Day may be upon you, there’s still time to pull through and make your significant other feel special and loved. It’s going to take a little work, but with these last minute Valentine’s Day ideas, you’re going to be the hero of Feb. 14 - regardless of how many times you may have slipped up in the past.

Scattered Love Notes

Everybody enjoys proclamations of love, so one can assume that scattering love notes around the house would be a delight to the recipient. They don’t have to be elaborate sonnets or anything outside of your comfort zone, just genuine, honest, and thoughtful. Go the extra mile by writing them on pieces of heart-shaped paper.

Homemade Sweets

Rather than purchase a premade cake, why not try and put some love into something homemade. It can be as simple as buying a box of mix. Putting in the extra effort can go a long way in showing how much you care for your significant other.

A Twist on a Dozen Roses

Who said the Valentine’s Day givings had to end on Feb. 14? This twist on gifting a dozen red roses will have your loved one feeling special for days to come. On each rose stem, attach a small piece of paper with the idea for a future date on it.

A Quiet Night In

Sometimes after a long day, all a person wants is some peace. This can work to your advantage so long as you pose it as a romantic evening for the two of you. Embellish your living space with rose petals or other Valentine’s Day staples, dim the lights, and throw on something from Netflix.

Explore Your Own Town

Unless you’re an avid socialite that takes time to explore every facet of your town, there may be some hidden gems you’re missing out on. Take this opportunity and go exploring with your significant other and don’t hesitate to act like tourists when you come upon something you never noticed before. It’s a sweet activity that gives you both ample time together.

Do Household Chores You Normally Don’t

Nothing is sweeter than not having to clean. If time permits, take a moment and knock out some of the chores that you know they hate. Don’t hesitate to tackle the entire house, either, for an even bigger surprise.

Build a Love-Themed Website

With things like Wordpress, you can quickly build a website focused on the love you share. Choose a name that’s relevant to the two of you and fill it with memories from the time you’ve spent together. If you want to impress them, purchase a domain. You can still get free hosting and can likely find a relevant domain for less than $15 a year.

A Chocolate Bouquet

It’s simple and screams “Valentine’s Day.” Purchase their favorite chocolates and something to serve as the “stem.” Carefully attach the stems to each piece of chocolate, using tape to adhere to the wrapper when needed. Then, place it in a decorative vase and present it as you would a floral arrangement.

Offer a Spa Day

Men and women both will enjoy a day where they can just relax and be pampered. Provide them with a day at the spa, either with you or on their own. If they go solo, that gives you the opportunity to stay home and either cook a nice meal or get the house in order their return.

Make a Pinterest Board for Your Relationship

Similar to building a website focused on your time together, you can also use Pinterest to pin images of items or places that remind you of your relationship. If you met somewhere significant, pin an image of it. Maybe you’re both into the same movie or enjoy the same book. Make it an entire board that represents your love and the things you have in common.