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Trump Just Said the Quiet Part Out Loud When Asked Which World Leaders He 'Enjoyed' Speaking With the Most

Trump Just Said the Quiet Part Out Loud When Asked Which World Leaders He 'Enjoyed' Speaking With the Most

Former President Donald Trump's speaking tour with right-wing pundit Bill O'Reilly was already off to a rocky start, with attendees posting pictures and videos featuring hundreds of empty seats despite the familiar promise of "massive crowds."

Now, some of Trump's comments during the event are making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Watch below.

When O'Reilly asked which foreign leaders Trump "enjoyed" speaking with the most, the former President responded:

“The ones I did the best with were the tyrants. And they all say, ‘Oh, he loves tyrants, he wants to be a tyrant.' No."

After decrying the media for noting his praise of tyrants, Trump proceeded to lavish praise upon multiple tyrants.

“I got along great with Putin. I got along great with President Xi of China. I got along great with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and isn’t that good? Isn’t that better than having a nuclear war? He wrote me beautiful letters, wrote me beautiful letters. I call them love letters. And the press said ‘He’s saying…’ But they are, they’re love letters.”

Sadly, Trump's praise of and cooperation with foreign adversaries is all too familiar.

At a 2018 presser in Helsinki, Trump infamously sided with Russian leader Vladimir Putin over American intelligence officials on the fact that Russia interfered in the 2016 election with the hope of benefitting Trump. Trump refused to intervene after Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed Bin Salman ordered Washington Post journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi brutally murdered. Trump sought to secretly negotiate with the Taliban on the anniversary week of the September 11 attacks. The list goes on.

Trump's comments spoke volumes.

They were also disturbed that attendees cheered at Trump's sentiment.

Trump has two more appearances with O'Reilly coming up in Texas.