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WI Trump Supporter Who Said 'They Took It Away From Trump' Charged With Election Fraud

WI Trump Supporter Who Said 'They Took It Away From Trump' Charged With Election Fraud
Scott Olson/Getty Images

It's been more than a year since former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, but he continues to broadcast fantasies that victory was "stolen" from him by Democrats engaging in widespread fraud. Even in the weeks before the 2020 election, Trump worked tirelessly to smear the centuries old institution of voting by mail, lying that the process is rife with fake ballots and ballot switching.

Voter fraud is extremely rare, and nowhere near close to affecting the outcome of a presidential election, but some of Trump's supporters have insisted it's a national crisis. Even those who committed voter fraud themselves.

Yes, despite the diatribes regarding election security and stopping the steal, multiple Trump supporters have been caught committing the very offenses they've decried.

Last year, Nevada Republican Donald Hartle, whose claims that someone cast a ballot on behalf of his dead wife went viral, was charged for casting that ballot himself. Texas Secretary of State Ken Paxton forked over thousands of dollars to a Democratic poll worker who accepted his challenge of proving voter fraud occurred in the Texas election—after proving it was a Republican who committed the fraud. At least three registered Republicans in Florida retirement community The Villages have been charged with voter fraud, two of whom indicated support for Trump on social media.

Now, conservative District Attorney Eric Toney of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin has charged five people with voter fraud for using a P.O. box instead of a residence on their registration—a violation of Wisconsin law.

Among those arrested is an unnamed Trump supporter who previously insisted "they took [the election] away from Trump."

Toney acknowledged the votes, which increased the total of voter fraud arrests in Wisconsin to 10, wouldn't have come close to effecting the state's results:

“It is clear that would have had no impact on any election results about who would have won the race," Toney said. “It has nothing to do with that type of argument.”

Social media users saw it as the latest instance of hypocrisy from the Trump camp.

People weren't even surprised.

This isn't likely to interrupt Trump's disinformation against the validity of American democracy.