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When Will the Next Bachelorette Be Announced?

Good news, Bachelorette fans. ABC has revealed that we will find out who the next bachelorette is on Tuesday night's "After the Final Rose."

Who will Arie choose? What's the drama that's got everyone talking? Read on, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Who Will It Be?

Reality Steve has hit the nail on the head so far with every move this season (eliminations, surprise entrances from ex-boyfriends, Krystal-related drama) and according to the blogger, the next bachelorette is bound to be Becca Kufrin.

Steve writes, "The only way Becca isn’t the 'Bachelorette' come March is if she’s just too overwhelmed by all of this, wants to distance herself from the franchise, and doesn’t want it. She has all the makings of the 'Bachelorette' from the look, the backstory, and the unbelievable fan support she’ll receive over the next 5 weeks."

Based on her Instagram, and the fact that she's still posting about the show even though her heart will be broken on reality television come tomorrow, Becca may just be up for the challenge. She certainly deserves it and will have most of America on her side.

Tonight's Finale May Actually Be the Most Shocking One to Date

So what exactly happens tonight? Didn't the rumors swirling around suggest that Becca gets engaged? Yes. In a nutshell, Arie proposes to Becca on the Monday night 3-hour finale. (Not to be confused with Tuesday's part two finale, which will run two hours long). Arie was engaged to Becca for a few months, and then in January, after the show had already started airing, he decided he chose the wrong woman and was really in love with Lauren B., her runner-up. Yes, it is a shocking conclusion to a relatively monotonous season, and it will have everyone on Becca's side.

Becca has dealt with a lot in her life. Her father, Steve, passed away in 2009 from brain cancer. Becca was just 19 at the time. Becca's mother, Jill, is a retired school teacher and is currently recovering from breast cancer.

Becca is a Senior Account Executive at Skyya, a PR company in Minneapolis. Prior to that, she attended Minnesota State University, where she graduated from in 2008 with a GPA of 3.795. During the summer of 2012, Becca interned at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Minnesota.

Becca hasn't gotten involved in this year's drama and has handled the season with poise and grace, making her fit for the role of the bachelorette.

Find out if Becca will be offered the title during tomorrow's LIVE "After the Final Rose" episode, beginning at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.