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MyPillow Guy Rails Against 'Censure' of Far-Right Lawmaker and Proves He Has No Idea What That Word Means

MyPillow Guy Rails Against 'Censure' of Far-Right Lawmaker and Proves He Has No Idea What That Word Means
@patriottakes/Twitter // Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call

Earlier this week, the Arizona Senate formally censured far-right state Senator Wendy Rogers, saying that her conduct "has damaged the reputation of the Arizona State Senate by her actions."

Though Rogers has long endorsed deranged conspiracy theories and eagerly deploys bigoted rhetoric, the move came after she spoke at a white nationalist conference hosted by outspoken racist and antisemite, Nick Fuentes. There, Rogers called for their political enemies to be hanged and made antisemitic remarks about Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Thirteen Democrats and 11 Republicans voted in favor of the measure. Amid the vote, Rogers compared herself to former President Donald Trump and Jesus Christ.

Now, MyPillow salesman and prominent conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has weighed in on the issue in a recent interview, suggesting Rogers' censure was due to her support of lies regarding the 2020 election (which Lindell also supports), and apparently taking the censure to mean she's literally no longer allowed to speak.

Watch below.

Lindell said:

"Wendy Rogers. Does she get to talk? I heard that she was talking so much about the election crimes in Arizona. I heard they put, somehow, I didn't dream it, they put a muffler on her. They said, 'No, we're not gonna let you talk anymore.' And I don't know what that means."

In reality, a censure is little more than a formal rebuke by a member's peers. Rogers has not been removed from the Arizona State Senate or her committees and can, for better or worse, still propose and vote on legislation.

Once again, Lindell found himself the subject of mockery on social media.

Some, however, wished Lindell was right.

Lindell continues to falsely insist that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, and that Trump will somehow be "reinstated" when the nonexistent evidence comes to light.