Have you ever browsed Craigslist? We mean really browsed it, beyond just the sections that you need. It's a bona fide freak show, a collection of the weirdest and the wackiest. In many cases, some ads are posted just for laughs, but there are those that clearly mean every strange word they post.

Though Craigslist was intended to be a reliable free marketplace, its creator, Craig Newmark likely never expected it to turn into the poster child for controversy that it is today. When he started the service in 1996 in San Francisco to alert locals to special events, Newmark's system was nothing but a small e-mail list. Within four years, the marketplace had expanded to the web and multiple cities. Unbeknownst to Newmark, his marketplace would attract a whole new breed of crazy.

Before long, the crazies started to come out of the woodwork; what was once a marketplace for the public divided to become a playground for the unusual and the weird. As you browse through this list of some of the weirdest Craigslist ads that have ever been posted, consider that you may know the person that listed it. You really never know.

Belly Button Lint

Admit it, you're jealous of this guy's belly button lint collection and are trying to remember where you stashed your gold coins.

Drunk or Dead?

It's not a game many people would want to play, but this mother/daughter combo clearly would lose.

The Excellent Adventure

It's suspicious, but we're dying to know what the excellent adventure was.

The Hypothetical Apartment

And the award for most confusing and weirdest Craigslist ad goes to... this guy. What are the chances he actually got someone to pay for his hypothetical apartment?

Your Personal Dinosaur

It's a weird offer, but it's one we'd be more than happy to oblige. Who wouldn't want a personal dinosaur following them around and taking care of their day-to-day?

Smart Person Needed

This company is going places...

The Anti-Trump Driver

Surely, "Stop Trump" and the driving job ad are related somehow. Right? At least there's gas reimbursement.

Sixteen Cats

This takes "creepy cat lady" to a whole new level, but the Roombas sweeten the pot.

The Errand

How mysterious and strange, but at least it's for a good cause.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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