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PHOTO: An Analysis of the 'Water-Starter' Pokemon 4chan Leak

On Feb. 20, 2018, the Pokemon community was given quite the surprise when a 4chan user revealed what he claimed to be the official starter Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch’s 2018 Pokemon release. Though very few details have been dished out on the future title, the allegedly leaked images have sparked interest and have left fans wondering if they’re looking at real Pokemon or, as the community refers to them, “fakemon” fan art.

Among the trio of Pokemon revealed was a new Water-type Pokemon. Taking on the appearance of an adorable platypus, if real, this Pokemon would mark the second design based on the Ornithorhynchus anatinus. Joining other similar design Psyduck, it would be the first platypus design to sport water attacks.

Though the images have come under much scrutiny, if real, there is the potential for a formidable fighter hiding beneath that cute exterior. As the images of the Water-type Pokemon detail, along with the expected water attacks (which are noticeably absent), it will also sport poisonous spurs at what appears to be its leg. How these will be used is questionable considering how short and stubby its legs are, but like the slow loris, they may be more for defense and aesthetics.  Along with possible poison attacks, the new Water-type Pokemon would use its tail for a physical attack.

As much as many 4chan users have expressed their desire for this leak to be real, others have pointed to inconsistencies with the art style of confirmed leaks in the past. In true Pokemon fan fashion, though, names have started to circulate the /vp/ 4chan thread that the images were posted on. For this Water-type Pokemon, users have come up with “Pladipud,” “Bara,” and “Kappa.”

Pokemon Switch is currently slated for a 2018 release date. Currently, details on the game have remained slim, though more information can be expected to be released during the 2018 E3 Expo.