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'The Voice' 2018: Team Standings 2/28/18

Tuesday night was the second episode of The Voice, and the judges were able to add even more star power to their teams. From rock singer Molly Stevens to the vintage melodies of 23-year-old Davison, the performances ensured a competitive season ahead.

To find out the team standings from Night 1, click here.

Read on to find out which singers were added to which team last night:

Team Blake

Pryor Baird (35, California)

Pryor was one of the few singers to get four-chair turns. His raspy, rock voice is certain to go far this season.

These days, he performs in Nashville. Adam said, "I don't usually hear someone sing the way you and play the way you do. That is a rarity." Blake said he's a little bit wild, a little bit loose. "It sounds like you drank a bottle of whiskey and smoked a pack of cigarettes before you got on stage," Blake joked.

Team Adam

Davison (23, Arkansas)

All the judges were huge fans of Davison. In the end, Blake and Adam were duking it out for the singer. Blake said, "There's just something so vintage about your voice. It sounds magical." Even Kelly was a huge fan, wondering why she didn't push her own button.

Team Kelly

Molly Stevens (35, Georgia)

Molly Stevens blew the coaches away with her country performance of "Heavenly Day." In her pre-performance interview, Molly revealed that she is gay and grew up in a religious family. "Being a Southern Baptist, I thought that was a big sin and that I was going to go to hell for it." Today, she is close with her parents. Her fiancee, Ashlee, was also at the audition.

When she isn't singing, Molly works as a substitute teacher at a high school.

Dylan Hartigan (21, Wyckoff, New Jersey)

Dylan is a New Jersey native. He was once in a boy band, and now he's hoping that he can break out on The Voice. Dylan is a folk-rock singer, and Kelly expressed how excited she is to find out what else is in his "arsenal".

Dylan says he was a child actor, but his IMDB page suggests he's still dipping into the acting biz. His IMDB profile reveals that he was on Law & Order in 2008, and filmed two short films last year.

Team Alicia

Jaclyn Lovey (16, Placerville, California)

The 16-year-old California native sang a simple and pure rendition of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love". After her audition, Blake said, "Literally, for the first time in my life, I pictured me riding a unicorn. The kind that has like wings. I was holding a Care Bear."

Lovey definitely has a different sound than any of the other singers on the show; that will work in her favor.