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Single on Valentine’s Day 2018: Best Funny Memes

Being single on Valentine’s Day may not be the end of the world, but it certainly isn’t fun. What could be worse than being forced to endure a day filled with symbols of love and affection that’s not directed at you. Everywhere you go and around every corner awaits a red heart, dozens of roses, and other inconvenient reminders of your current relationship status.

Filling the role of the jilted single person on this day of romance may be clichéd, but thankfully the internet has you covered. No longer do you have to stew over yet another loveless Valentine’s Day. Instead, dim the lights, scatter a few rose petals, and enjoy a chuckle or two courtesy of these funny memes perfect to get you through Valentine’s Day 2018.

Valentine's Day 2018 Memes

If you're going to troll through your social media, expect to be bombarded with Valentine's Day posts. The only safe place on Valentine's Day 2018 is Netflix.

Who says candied hearts and boxes of chocolate are just for couples? Buy yourself something sweet to get you through Valentine's Day 2018.

It's okay to wish damnation upon the world. Just ask Grumpy Cat.

Apparently, there's a Star Wars meme for every occasion. Then again, is going "Solo" really a thing people want to do considering what happened in The Force Awakens?

Even Harry Potter knows how to celebrate Valentine's Day 2018 as a single person.

It must have been all of that pasteurizing.

If you can't join them, you might as well get revenge on those obnoxious displays of affection.

It's always there for you and it's the one thing that can fill that empty feeling. Food truly is the best Valentine a person could ask for.

There's no replacement for a loving Valentine. Except for Rick Grimes, Negan, Daryl, Maggie, or Carol.

Instead of pouting over not having a Valentine, remember that by the time Feb. 14 is over, your bank account won't be half its size.