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Ex-Police Chief Senate Candidate Has Brutal Reminder for Rubio After He Claims She's Anti-Police

Ex-Police Chief Senate Candidate Has Brutal Reminder for Rubio After He Claims She's Anti-Police
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // @marcorubio/Twitter

From greater oversight to complete abolition, Democrats have offered a broad array of proposals to reduce racist police violence and increase accountability for police who kill citizens. Republicans have characterized these calls for reform as a universal platform to supposedly defund police officers, though police budgets are allocated at the municipal level, not the federal level.

Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings of Florida—who's currently running in the Sunshine State to unseat Republican Marco in the Senate—served in law enforcement for nearly 30 years, including as chief of the Orlando Police Department.

In recent comments to reporters, Demings blasted the current crime rate and called for greater investments in law enforcement, saying:

"We must invest in our police departments. Public safety is the foundation on which we build great communities."

Expanding police funding doesn't necessarily reduce crime, which is why many progressives have proposed instead funding public goods such as housing and medicare for all to reduce economic hardships that motivate others to commit crimes like theft.

In response to Demings' recent comments, Rubio's campaign accused her of taking a "sudden interest" in reducing crime while making officers' jobs harder.

Demings was having none of it, and soon responded with a reminder to Rubio of her record.

Demings noted that she donned a bulletproof vest for 27 years and that Orlando's crime rate was reduced by 40 percent while she was its chief, all "while Marco Rubio was home asleep in his bed."

The Congresswoman's unrelenting response garnered praise and agreement on social media.

They joined her in blasting the Rubio campaign's characterization.

The 2022 election cycle is just heating up.