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Twitter Suspends Trans Woman For Tweeting 'Proof' After Transphobe Claims Trans Women Never Date Each Other

Twitter user @blackheartsora suspended after tweeting pic of her and her girlfriend kissing to Matt Walsh after he claims trans women 'never date' each other.

Matt Walsh; @blackheartsora Twitter image
Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images for Daily Wire; @blackheartsora/Twitter

Twitter user @blackheartsora had her account suspended after she responded to a transphobic tweet from conservative pundit Matt Walsh with a photo of her kissing her girlfriend, who is also transgender.

Walsh tweeted "'trans women' never date other 'trans women,'" and @blackheartsora responded with the photo and the caption:

"@MattWalshBlog what do you mean? i'm [sic] literally right here dating another trans woman? hello?"

Her account was suspended shortly after tweeting the photo.

The most likely explanation for the ban is Walsh's fans mass reported the photo in retaliation, and Twitter's automatic moderation system suspended the account in response.

Twitter user @femboymoding, @blakcheartsora's girlfriend, tweeted about the suspension and Twitter's reasoning. She also clarified she was the other woman in the photo and she had definitely consented to the photo being posted.

People were incredulous a simple picture of the couple kissing was sufficient reason to suspend an account, while the tweet the picture was posted in response to was apparently perfectly fine.

The suspension was flagged as part of a larger pattern.

Many Twitter users tweeted their support for @blackheartsora and their disappointment with Twitter moderation.

As of time of writing, @blackheartsora's account is still suspended, despite ample proof she didn't violate their terms of service.