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Tucker Carlson Just Delivered The Most Legendary Self-Own With Rant About Media 'Lies'

The Fox News host's lack of self-awareness was on full display as he called out people who 'repeat the lies' to keep 'stupid TV jobs.'

Tucker Carlson

Right-wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson was relentlessly mocked after delivering his most epic self-own yet.

The conspiracy theorist notorious for lying to his viewers, and who now admittedly hates former Republican President Donald Trump, just bashed the media for frequently reporting "lies" to American viewers.

Many of his critics thought his rant sounded way too familiar.

In a recent Fox segment, Carlson mentioned the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 synthesis report warning that our planet is on the verge of crossing a dangerous temperature threshold.

He claimed that the fight against climate change was a:

“coordinated effort by the government of China to hobble the U.S. and the West and take its place as the leader of the world.”

He then asked viewers:

"How do you convince a strong country like ours to do that? It’s pretty easy."

And this was his solution.

“You take a collection of dumb, desperate people in middle age hoping to keep on to their stupid TV jobs, you add scripts and some hairspray, and they repeat the lies for you."

No, he wasn't referring to himself.

But a lot of people sure thought he was.

Social media users believed his grumbling was rich coming from the conservative journalist who has repeatedly ingratiated himself to GOP leaders by lying to his audience and spreading harmful misinformation.

Twitter called Carlson out for his complete lack of self-awareness and ridiculed him for his major self-own.

Carlson's latest whopper was his recent segment downplaying the U.S. Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021 and claiming that the MAGA rioters were just "sightseers"–even though the historical site was closed to the public that day due to the pandemic.

Carlson even backed his spurious claim by presenting cherry-picked Capitol surveillance video clips from 40,000 hours of footage provided to him by fellow insurrection denier, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The Fox host also portrayed himself as a friend and supporter of Trump and often parroted much of his dangerous rhetoric and lies.

Yet, behind the camera, Carlson apparently couldn't stand Trump.

Text transcripts obtained during the Dominion Voting Systems $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News revealed that Carlson allegedly texted an unnamed colleague and said of Trump:

“I hate him passionately."

Based on how he presented himself on camera, viewers had no clue where Carlson really stood with the former guy.

At least now he's onto something with his claim about "desperate people in middle age" with their "stupid TV jobs" who repeat "lies."