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Tucker Carlson Calls Brett Kavanaugh a 'Cringing Little Liberal' and People Can't Stop Mocking Him

Tucker Carlson Calls Brett Kavanaugh a 'Cringing Little Liberal' and People Can't Stop Mocking Him
Fox News // Win McNamee/Getty Images

Amid now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh's bitter 2018 confirmation process to the United States Supreme Court, Republican Senators and media personalities decried liberals for even considering the allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh might be true and disqualifying.

Among them was far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who frequently defended Kavanaugh from what Carlson called "obvious smears," and emphasized the future Justice's role as a family man.

He even shamed Senate Republicans for supposedly not working hard enough to "protect" Kavanaugh:

"If the Republicans care they would protect you. ... They would protect Brett Kavanaugh from the obvious smears that are destroying his family in his life. They won’t protect him and they won’t protect him for the same reasons they won’t protect you, and it’s hard and embarrassing."

In the years since, Kavanaugh has been largely canceled by the Republican party and even the very President who nominated him: Donald Trump. When Kavanaugh joined the majority of the Supreme Court in rejecting a case from Texas' Attorney General to dispute the electoral votes in Pennsylvania, which Trump lost, then-President Trump said that Kavanaugh "just hasn’t had the courage you need to be a great justice.”

And just this week, Kavanaugh helped uphold President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers—one of two conservative justices who did so. Kavanaugh, however, joined the conservative majority in another case striking down Biden's broader vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees.

Carlson, who has repeatedly broadcast conspiracy theories and skepticism of the lifesaving vaccines to his millions of viewers, fumed at Kavanaugh's decision in a segment responding to the Court's ruling.

Carlson's featured guest was Harmeet Dhillon of the Center for American Liberty, who said:

"In terms of the federal mandates that President Biden has tried to push, three of them have been struck down so far and only the one today was healthcare workers, which I disagree with, but that has gone forward, so 10 million health-care workers do need to get vaccinated if they wish to keep their jobs, which is unfortunate given the massive shortage that we have of health-care workers right now in our hospitals.”

The far-right Fox host responded:

“Yeah, with no help from Brett Kavanaugh, I notice—cringing little liberal.”

Watch the moment below.

Kavanaugh is anything but a liberal. In fact, judging by recent questions delivered in the abortion cases argued before the Court last year, he seems poised to dramatically scale back reproductive rights in the United States. The year before, he dissented in a landmark Supreme Court case that expanded Title VII employment discrimination protections to LGBTQ people.

Carlson's characterization of Kavanaugh as a "liberal" may be at odds with reality, but social media users were amused to see the right turning on its once-beloved Justice.

They leapt to mock the idea.

Where will conservative cancel culture strike next?