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Trump Says He Trusts Russia More Than the U.S. in Deranged Statement Ahead of Biden's Putin Meeting

Trump Says He Trusts Russia More Than the U.S. in Deranged Statement Ahead of Biden's Putin Meeting
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump continues to release deranged statements after being banned from a host of social media outlets for promoting violence.

While many would like Trump to fade out of public consciousness since he's no longer in office, he remains the figurehead of the Republican party and the favorite to win the GOP's 2024 nomination for President, should he decide to run.

The former President has repeatedly faced scrutiny for his ties to Russia. The Mueller Report noted concerning links between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. Trump repeatedly cast doubt on the fact that Russia launched a sweeping disinformation campaign in the United States to benefit his candidacy. When conservative pundit Bill O'Reilly called Russian leader Vladimir Putin a "killer," Trump pushed back, asking "You think our country's so innocent?"

Now, Trump is once again siding with Russia as President Joe Biden prepares to meet with Putin in Geneva in less than a week.

In a Thursday statement, Trump recounted his disastrous meeting with Putin in 2018, when he was asked in a joint press conference to acknowledge Russia's efforts to subvert the 2016 election. Trump pointed to Putin's denials as evidence that U.S. intelligence officials were wrong. He sided publicly with an adversary over U.S. intelligence, and prompted widespread backlash.

Trump said of the moment in a statement:

"As to who do I trust, they asked, Russia or our 'Intelligence' from the Obama era, meaning people like Comey, McCabe, the two lovers, Brennan, Clapper, and numerous other sleezebags [sic], or Russia, the answer, after all that has been found out and written, should be obvious. Our government has rarely had such lowlifes as these working for it."

He offered sarcastic advice to President Biden before wishing Putin his "warmest regards!"

"Good luck to Biden in dealing with President Putin—don't fall asleep during the meeting, and please give him my warmest regards!"

People weren't surprised to see Trump root for Russia once again.

They want Republicans—who remain steadfast in their loyalty to Trump—to answer for his comments.

Russia, however, was ecstatic with the message.

Biden is expected to talk to Putin about ransomware attacks attributed to Russia, as well as foreign policy and efforts to subvert American elections.