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PA Trump Supporters Going Door to Door Asking Voters Who They Supported in November

PA Trump Supporters Going Door to Door Asking Voters Who They Supported in November
Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

For weeks, supporters of former President Donald Trump have railed against an initiative from the Biden administration to enlist volunteers to go door-to-door in under-vaccinated communities, providing information on how, where, and why to get vaccinated against the pandemic that's killed over 600 thousand Americans.

Though these volunteers are only providing information and answering questions regarding the vaccines, right-wing media personalities have sensationalized the story, absurdly claiming the Biden administration is going door-to-door demanding proof of vaccination or forcing residents to take the vaccines. The effort has been compared to Nazi Brownshirt police by members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

Curiously enough, Trump supporters in Pennsylvania are taking up a disturbing, much more invasive door-to-door initiative of their own, according to the York Dispatch.

Pennsylvania was a major target of Trump's lies regarding the 2020 election, and now supporters of his—presenting themselves as an "election integrity committee"—are going door-to-door in the state demanding to know which candidate residents supported.

Republican York County Commissioner Julie Wheeler said her office has received numerous calls reporting voter intimidation from the group—calls which she's referred to law enforcement.

News of the so-called committee's effort made waves online.

The hypocrisy regarding the GOP's attitude toward door-to-door vaccine information was laid bare.

It's unclear what steps law enforcement plans to take.