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Satirical News Site Had the Best Response After Trump Shared One of Its Articles Thinking It Was Real

Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

The New York Post recently published a story on the emails of former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, and his former employment with the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, but the story and the circumstances through which the emails were obtained give reason for skepticism.

Because of that—and because the emails featured in the story show contact information for multiple people—Twitter limited the ability of its users to share the piece.

Republicans, including President Donald Trump, leapt at the opportunity to accuse the social media outlet of bias against conservatives.

Then, on Thursday, Twitter experienced a widespread outage that kept most users from tweeting at all for hours.

Once it was restored, the President shared an article from the right-leaning satirical website Babylon Bee, which joked that Twitter had shut down completely in order to keep users from sharing the Hunter Biden story.

The President didn't realize it was satire.

It wasn't long before Babylon Bee reshared an article from 2018, joking that Trump had declared its site as his "most-trusted news source."

The article jokingly quotes Trump saying:

"Everyone knows I really like Fox & Friends, but look, The Babylon Bee is the absolute best. They're tremendous—nobody else even comes close to the quality and truth in their reporting. I read the Bee every day because I always know that what I'm reading is 100% accurate."

People couldn't help but laugh at the site's trolling and that Trump made the two year old article truer by taking the Bee's satire as fact.

But the Bee wasn't the only one to mock Trump for sharing the article.

As the President would say: fake news.