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Trump Campaign Mocked for Printing Out Tweet for Reporters Showing Trump Ahead Among Those Who Haven't Voted Yet

Win McNamee/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has consistently trailed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in most national and swing state polls ahead of the 2020 election.

In an even more foreboding sign for Trump, early data indicates that voter enthusiasm is through the roof. With 8 days still to go before election day, nearly 60 million people have already voted. The Washington Post predicts that the more Americans will have cast their votes before Election Day—rather than on it—or the first time in history.

The President is projecting optimism that a second Trump victory is in the bag, insisting that the polls are "fake" and noting that 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was favored to win the election against him. While Clinton won the popular vote by millions of votes, Trump narrowly won the electoral college, securing him the White House.

While widespread early voting is a promising sign for Democrats, the Trump administration signaled to reporters on Air Force One that the President isn't lacking in support, these supporters just haven't voted yet.

Trump officials placed printouts of a tweet showing results from an online CBS/YouGov poll, which found Trump ahead among those yet to vote in at least three swing states.

The poll shows Trump ahead of Biden by wide margins in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, but CBS Elections Manager Kabir Khanna—who oversaw this poll and its analysis–said the campaign was "cherry picking" the results.

People were skeptical that this information was as reassuring as Trump officials seemed to think.

Others took the results with deeper urgency.

Election Day is on November 3rd, but early voting has begun in at least 40 states.