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Trump Claimed Not to Know Lev Parnas Again and His Lawyer Just Released a Damning Video That Shows Otherwise

Fox News // MSNBC

Lev Parnas, an associate of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, made explosive claims on the Rachel Maddow show Wednesday night.

According to Parnas, Trump knew all about his and Giuliani's efforts to use congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine as leverage to spur announcements of investigations that would be politically beneficial to the President.

Last year, when Parnas was indicted for illegally funneling money to Republican campaigns, Trump denied knowing him.

Fully expecting Trump to repeat those denials after these new and explosive allegations, Parnas vowed to release a new photo of the pair together each time Trump tried to distance himself.

Predictably, Trump wholeheartedly denied knowing Parnas in the Oval Office on Thursday.

Not long after, Parnas's attorney—Joseph Bondy—made good on the earlier promise of his client, releasing a video of Parnas introducing people to Trump at Mar-A-Lago to the tune of Janet Jackson's Together Again.

It was just the latest in a days-long stream of evidence from Parnas's attorney that the two knew each other.

The evidence put up by Bondy was enough to rebut Trump's denial in the court of public opinion.

Trump will likely deny knowing Parnas again, but we're sure Bondy has more evidence at the ready.

Part II of Parnas's interview with Rachel Maddow airs tonight.