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Trump's Press Secretary Just Claimed Trump Had a Better Pandemic Plan Than Obama and She Had Binders to Prove It

Trump's Press Secretary Just Claimed Trump Had a Better Pandemic Plan Than Obama and She Had Binders to Prove It
Fox News

President Donald Trump's bungled response to the pandemic that's killed over 80 thousand Americans is only more outrageous considering that his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, left a detailed playbook on how to prepare for a pandemic of this scale.

According to reports, the playbook was thrown onto a shelf and ignored. This was in addition to Trump ousting the entire pandemic response team and slashing the budgets for pandemic preparedness.

We've known for months about the pandemic playbook's existence, despite lies from Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) claiming it never existed.

But it's only recently that Trump's administration gave its latest reason for ignoring the book.

Watch below.

Trump brought up his latest press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who brandished the Obama plan, which was on unbound printed paper, before holding up Trump's plan, which they'd put in a binder.

McEnany said:

"The Obama/Biden plan that has been referenced was insufficient, wasn't going to work. So what our administration did under the leadership of President Trump was do an entire 2018 pandemic preparedness report. Beyond that we did a whole exercise on pandemic preparedness in August of last year, and had an entire after action report put together. In other words, the Obama/Biden paper packet was superseded by a President Trump style pandemic preparedness response book."

Trump echoed the claims with his usual praise words:

"Which was much better, which was much more complete and which was a lot tougher. We were given very little when we came in to this administration and they've done a fantastic job."

But if the so-called Trump plan was so much more superior, the administration has even less of an excuse for the bungled testing rollout, the shortage of personal protective equipment, the skyrocketing unemployment rate, the shuttered businesses, and the 80+ thousand dead Americans resulting from Trump's repeated dismissal of the virus in its earliest and most crucial stages.

That Kayleigh McEnany thought she could put the Trump plan in a binder to make it look more thorough was laughable.

And laugh people did.

Do they really expect us to believe they've been following a detailed plan this whole time and are just now mentioning it?


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