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Trump Praises MyPillow Guy's Idea to Melt Down 2020 Voting Machines 'Into Prison Bars' in Bonkers Interview

Trump Praises MyPillow Guy's Idea to Melt Down 2020 Voting Machines 'Into Prison Bars' in Bonkers Interview
Mike Lindell

Swathes of far-right media personalities have amplified former President Donald Trump's fantasies that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from him through Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud.

Few of these figures, however, are more committed to this delusion than infamous pillow peddler Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO and prominent conspiracy theorist who continues to insist that not only is there "irrefutable proof" Trump won the election, but that Trump will somehow be reinstated to the presidency before 2025.

Lindell's grift that Trump will eventually retake the White House without winning a presidential election has repeatedly been disproven by Lindell's own predictions.

Nevertheless, the former President recently sat down for an interview with Lindell to discuss the fantasy that fraud robbed Trump of reelection—a fantasy that both Lindell and Trump continue to promote.

In the deranged interview, Lindell referred to Trump as "our real President" before parroting baseless claims, such as that Trump revived the phrase "Merry Christmas" among the American populace.

But one particularly bizarre moment came when Lindell decried voting machines, most likely for elections software companies such as Dominion and Smartmatic, which have sued Lindell for defamation for promoting the lie that these companies worked with Democrats and foreign countries to switch votes from Trump to Biden.

Lindell told Trump:

"I have said we're going to melt down machines and use them into prison bars."

Trump all too predictably agreed, praising Lindell's idea as "very interesting" and a "very good idea" before once again decrying his own Vice President, Mike Pence, for not overstepping his constitutional powers by singlehandedly throwing out the electoral votes of any swing state Trump lost.

The interview faced near-unanimous backlash and mockery.

Some joked that Lindell and Trump would be the first beneficiaries of any bars made from melted-down voting machines.

Who wants to tell him?