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Trump's Former Primary Opponent Just Challenged Conservatives to Support the Democratic Nominee, Whoever It Is

Trump's Former Primary Opponent Just Challenged Conservatives to Support the Democratic Nominee, Whoever It Is
Tom Williams/Roll Call via Getty Images // Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Make no mistake: Former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) is a Republican.

He was a prominent figure of the Tea Party, he pushed conspiracy theories that former President Barack Obama was from Kenya, and even appeared to promote violent insurrection should then-candidate Donald Trump lose the 2016 presidential race.

Walsh is by no means a moderate, yet he's one of the few Republicans who has publicly and loudly called Trump out over the past couple of years.

He even issued an apology for helping elect Trump last year.

Last summer, Walsh announced that he would be challenging Trump in the 2020 election for President. With Trump's approval rating high within the Republican Party, it was always a longshot and Walsh ended his campaign last week.

That hasn't stopped him from urging voters of all political persuasions to vote for the Democratic nominee, no matter who that person ends up being.

Days after Walsh said he'd rather have a socialist than a dictator in the White House, he posted a tweet urging Conservatives to pledge their vote to the yet-to-be-determined Democratic nominee.

Walsh stressed that "ALL OF US" must come together to stop Trump from serving a second term.

Even with Walsh's conventionally far-Right stances, much of his warnings against Trump have fallen on deaf ears among his fellow Republicans, leading him to refer to the party as "a cult."

He recently implored a Republican crowd to reject Trump, saying:

"If you want four more years of the Donald Trump show..."

At which point the crowd began cheering and chanting "four more years."

Watch below.

But at least some people seem to be heeding Walsh's plea for Conservatives and Libertarians to take his pledge.

That staunch Republican Joe Walsh went from MAGA to endorsing any Democratic candidate running against Trump illustrated the tumult Trump has imposed on the country after only three years.

It will take a massive voter turnout to have a hope of defeating Donald Trump.

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