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Senate Chaplain Used Opening Prayer of Impeachment Trial to Issue a Brutal Warning for Senators


On Friday morning, Senators convened with the long-anticipated vote on additional witnesses in the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump expected to fail.

Despite bombshell allegations from Trump's former National Security Advisor John Bolton and 75 percent of Americans calling for additional witnesses, Republican Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) announced they'd vote against the measure, dashing Democrats' hopes of holding a full trial.

The vote, however, won't come until Friday evening at the earliest. It's possible that's what was running through Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black's mind when he delivered the opening prayer ahead of the debate.

Watch his rousing words below.

Black's words to God included a warning to Senators:

"Remind our senators that they alone are accountable to you for their conduct. Lord help them to remember, that they can't ignore you and get away with it. For we always reap what we sow."

More and more information corroborating Trump's corruption in dealings with Ukraine continues to emerge, yet Republican Senators committed to having as brief a trial as possible, culminating today in what is likely to be a vote against firsthand witnesses to Trump's behavior, with an acquittal of the President soon to follow.

People thought Black's warning could be against the cowardice Republican Senators have chosen to display.

Some of the Senators voting against accountability for the President will, hopefully, reap what they sow this November.