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People Can't Stop Trolling Trump With the Results of Fox News' Latest Swing State Polls

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

With a virus that's killed over 200 thousand and unemployed millions more, compounded by historic uprisings against racist police brutality and the urgency of a vacant Supreme Court seat, President Donald Trump once again finds himself in an unenviable position to win the Presidency.

While an upset victory a la 2016 isn't out of the question, most reliable swing state and national polls show Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the lead. Some polls have even shown states long thought to be red suddenly in play.

The latest swing state polls from conservative network Fox News are no different. The poll found Biden with commanding leads over Trump in the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

The President has a complicated history with Fox News polls.

Multiple times, Trump has lashed out at Fox News and its pollsters on Twitter, calling the mathematical findings "fake" and urging viewers to switch to an even more right wing outlet, like One America News Network.

With Trump's ire for Fox News polls long established, people couldn't resist breaking the news to him on his favorite outlet: Twitter.

As damning as one poll may seem, people emphasized the importance of voting in the election this November.

The 2020 election is on November 3rd, but options for earlier voting are available in numerous states.