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New Fox News Poll Finds Approval of Trump's Handling of the Pandemic Continues to Plummet, and Trump Is Lashing Out

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's handling of the current national health crisis that's killed over 95 thousand Americans and left millions more unemployed has been widely banned.

Despite numerous warnings of the threat posed by the virus, Trump constantly dismissed it in the early stages, when containment was most feasible. He pushed against widespread testing, fearing that documenting an accurate number of cases would spook the markets.

Now, with Americans trapped inside their homes because of how far the virus has spread, Trump and his allies are blaming Democrats, the media, and even health experts, accusing them of deliberately holding the nation hostage in order to cripple the Obama-era economic stability for which Trump takes credit.

A recent poll from Fox News indicates that the tactic isn't working.

The poll—which surveyed over 1200 registered voters, found the approval of Trump's pandemic response at a measly 43 percent—down eight points from the previous month.

If that wasn't bad enough, it also examined how Trump fare in a national matchup against the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The poll, which showed him tied with Biden last month, now shows Trump behind Biden by eight points, with widening gaps in key demographics.

What's more, the poll found more Biden supporters than Trump supporters (69% to 63%) were extremely motivated to vote.

Trump was none too happy about the results—dismissing Fox's polling team as "fake."

Trump's own Twitter feed refutes his claim that he's "never" had a good Fox poll—as people pointed out.

People agree that the survey—from the most famous Republican outlet in the United States—spells bad news for Trump.

Trump has criticized Fox in the past for not fudging their polling numbers in his favor, and recent tweets suggest that what was once a match made in Heaven is now troubled in paradise.

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