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People Can't Stop Mocking Trump For Awkwardly Mangling Name Of Senate Candidate He Endorsed

People Can't Stop Mocking Trump For Awkwardly Mangling Name Of Senate Candidate He Endorsed

A frequent conservative talking point has been the mental competence of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Biden spoke at the White House Correspondent's Association dinner on Saturday—an event akin to a roast where no political or media figure is exempt from mockery.

Despite derogatory rhetoric from the right claiming Biden is non compos mentis, the POTUS held his own at the dinner getting shots in at members of his own party and staff as well as Fox News and the GOP.

Not faring as well over the weekend was conservative hero former Republican President Donald Trump.

Speaking at a MAGA rally in Nebraska on Sunday to a sparse crowd, the former POTUS confused two Republican candidates competing for the same Senate seat in Ohio.

Seemingly forgetting the results of the 2018 and 2020 elections, Trump boasted the vast majority of the candidates he endorses go on to win.

He added:

"And you know if I lost one race, [the media would] say ‘Trump was humiliated!’."
"That’s what they’re waiting for, they’re waiting for one race.”

Trump then intended to list some of his recent endorsements.

The former President said:

"You know we’ve endorsed Dr. Oz."
"We’ve endorsed J.P., right? J.D. Mandel."
“And he’s doing great, they’re all doing good."

However there has been no endorsement for nor a candidate named J.P. or J.D. Mandel.

In Ohio, two of the GOP primary candidates for the Senate are J.D. Vance and Josh Mandel with seven Republicans all vying for a single spot on the November ballot. Both men courted Trump heavily while embracing far-right rhetoric in a highly contentious race.

In the end, Vance secured Trump's endorsement at the end of April—something Trump didn't recall two weeks later.

Given all of the right-wing rhetoric blasting President Biden's mental acuity, people picked up on Trump's gaffe.

More than one account for "JD Mandel" popped up on Twitter by Sunday evening.

Trump’s flub came just two day's before the hotly contested Ohio Republican primary is set to occur on May 3.

Whether his confusing Josh Mandel and J.D. Vance at the last MAGA rally before then affects the primary results remains to be seen.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, May 2nd, Vance was asked whether he's concerned about Trump's mix-up.

His response: