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GOP Senator Bluntly Explains Why He Won't Vote for Trump in '24—and Trump Had the Most Predictable Response

GOP Senator Bluntly Explains Why He Won't Vote for Trump in '24—and Trump Had the Most Predictable Response
Axios // Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Though many of former President Donald Trump's supporters are unflinchingly loyal and defiantly vocal, Trump was a historically unpopular President. His average approval rating never rose above 50 percent. He was impeached twice. He's one of only 10 American Presidents to ever lose reelection.

Trump has been embraced by most of the Republican party, but he's not without his Republican critics. He was opposed by the likes of the late Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, and others.

While most of these reasons were made out of moral umbrage at Trump's character, Republican Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana—who frequently voted in line with Trump's agenda—has a much simpler, more blunt reason for opposing Trump if he runs in 2024.

Watch below.

Axios on HBO: Senator Bill Cassidy on President Trump’s potential 2024

Cassidy told Axios:

"President Trump is the first president, in the Republican side at least, to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning. ... If you want to win the presidency, and hopefully that's what voters are thinking about, I think he might [lose the Republican nomination]."

Back in January, the Senator didn't vote in favor of overturning election results in swing states Trump lost. He also voted to convict Trump in his second Senate impeachment trial for inciting an insurrection, so Cassidy has by no means been a favorite of Trump's.

But his most recent comments sent Trump into a familiar rage.

Trump wrote:

"Wacky Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana is a RINO Republican who begged for my endorsement in 2020 and used it all over the place to win re-election, much like Little Ben Sasse, and then voted to impeach your favorite President...Now, Wacky Bill Cassidy can't walk down the street in Louisiana, a State I won by almost 20 points. He could not even be elected dog catcher today, the great people curse him."

People weren't receptive to the former President's smears.

And Trump's claim to be America's "favorite" President was particularly absurd.

Trump has yet to publicly confirm whether he'll be running in 2024.