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People Are Calling Donald Trump Out After He Invoked His Son Barron to Attack Elizabeth Warren

People Are Calling Donald Trump Out After He Invoked His Son Barron to Attack Elizabeth Warren

For many political pundits and politicians alike, the minor children of elected officials are off limits.

So much as mentioning them is met with backlash.

Unless of course a politician wants to use his own child to mock someone.

When legal scholar Pamela Karlan remarked President Donald Trump may name his child Barron but not make him a baron because the US Constitution does not make him royalty with the powers of an emperor or king, conservatives, Republicans and First Lady Melania Trump cried foul over the remark. They said because the President's youngest child with his third wife is still a minor, Karlan should not have mentioned him.

Karlan later apologized.

However, the same groups remained silent, justified the cruelty against a child or joined in when the President and his oldest son, Don Jr., mocked 16 year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg repeatedly.

And Barron was fair game when President Trump spoke at a MAGA rally in Battle Creek, Michigan on Wednesday. After boasting of his own crowd sizes, he remarked that Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren—referring to her with one of his favored racial slurs—drew large crowds in New York recently.

Trump told his MAGA rally attendees:

"Crazy Pocahontas goes to the middle of Central Park and gets a crowd."

The President then added:

"I could have Barron Trump go into Central Park and he'd get a crowd. He'd get a bigger crowd than Warren."

Not surprisingly, the conservative pearl clutchers who condemned Karlan were silent at Trump's invocation of his son to attack Warren.

They were also silent when it came to Trump's use of "Pocahontas" to refer to Warren.

The National Congress for American Indians (NCAI) previously condemned Trump's use of Pocahontas to attack Warren as have numerous Indigenous groups and leaders.

NCAI CEO Kevin Allis said:

"NCAI condemns the President's continued use of the name 'Pocahontas' as an insult for political gain."
"Not only does it disrespect Pocahontas' legacy and life, it likens her name to a [racial] slur."

People noted the double—or lack of—standards from the people who railed against Karlan.

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