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Trump Stops Himself From Using 'Foul' Word To Describe Hillary—And Nobody Knows What He's Talking About

Trump Stops Himself From Using 'Foul' Word To Describe Hillary—And Nobody Knows What He's Talking About

President Donald Trump had some choice words for Hillary Clinton in his first 2020 Republican National Convention speech. It's just that no one really knows what they were.

Trump devoted several moments to trashing his 2016 opponents, with special ire, as always, reserved for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for whom he wanted to use "a certain word" that he then said starts with "S-C"... leaving the internet to scratch its collective head.

The comments came about 24 minutes into the President's remarks delivered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

You can see an excerpt that includes the Clinton comment here:

Of Ms. Clinton, Trump said:

"Hillary Clinton, I want to use nice language so I don't want to a use certain word. It starts with the word S-C. I don't want to use it because they'll say he used foul language while in North Carolina. So I won't do that."

What "S-C" could possibly mean is anyone's guess.

Trump also had some choice—and far more coherent—words for Clinton's 2016 primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders.

"But Bernie Sanders, excuse me, again, he's the greatest loser I've ever seen. This guy can lose and be so happy."

The comments about Clinton and Sanders came directly after a passage in which Trump derided the Democrats as having "no enthusiasm" for their candidate--a strange choice given that, of course, he is not running against either Secretary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Trump also used his time at the podium to accuse the Democrats of trying to steal the election via mail-in voting, of using the pandemic as an excuse to do so, and of attempting to take away everyone's guns.

On Twitter, people were perplexed as to what President Trump could possibly have meant by his comments about Clinton.

While others just couldn't believe he was still reserving part of his speech to talk about Hillary Clinton.

And some were just angry about what they saw as the President's fundamental lack of respect.

The Republican National Convention runs through Thursday night, with speakers that include the President's sons and lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are currently facing felony charges for pointing a handgun and a semiautomatic weapon at Black Lives Matter protestors passing through their neighborhood.