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Tomi Lahren Slammed for Describing Capitol Siege as Trump Supporters' 'One Bad Day'

Tomi Lahren Slammed for Describing Capitol Siege as Trump Supporters' 'One Bad Day'
ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP via Getty Images // Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon

On Election Day in 2020, far-right provocateur Tomi Lahren boasted that supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump wouldn't riot and destroy property, claiming the same couldn't be said for the overwhelmingly peaceful protestors against racist police brutality earlier this summer.

Just over two months later, pro-Trump extremists invaded the U.S. Capitol during the joint congressional session to certify the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 election, forcing the Vice President to evacuate and lawmakers to hide from the violent mob.

The insurrectionists smashed windows, ransacked offices, stole property, and smeared excrement across the walls of the Capitol. Five people died as a result of the riots.

Lahren's resurfaced Election Day tweet was thoroughly mocked after the upheaval in the people's house, but Lahren isn't backing down from her dismissals of violence committed by Trump supporters.

On Friday, Lahren tweeted that Trump supporters had "one bad day" but that those on the left were the truly violent ones.

But violence from Trump supporters is nothing new.

Armed pro-Trump Nazis and white nationalists infamously paraded through Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 with swastikas and confederate flags to protest the removal of confederate monuments. One of the marchers murdered counter-protestor Heather Heyer when he ran over her with his car.

This was but one of the most famous incidents of violence fomented by Trump.

People decried Lahren's absurd claim.

People reminded her of some other "bad days."

Lahren isn't expected to backtrack.