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Texas Tipline for Violations of New Anti-Abortion Law Gets Expertly Trolled

Texas Tipline for Violations of New Anti-Abortion Law Gets Expertly Trolled
Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC // Texas Right to Life

On September 1 at midnight, Senate Bill 8—known as the Heartbeat Act—went into effect in Texas, effectively criminalizing abortion in the state in a blatant violation of Roe v. Wade.

The law bans abortions after six weeks, before many even know they're pregnant. What's more, it allows anyone who aided or abetted the procedure—from doctors who perform an abortion to Uber drivers who transport someone to a clinic—to be subject to criminal liability. The law offers up to a $10 thousand bounty to those who successfully report an illegal abortion.

The Supreme Court, which has the power to issue an emergency halt of the law, has yet to act—a possible reflection of its conservative majority.

Now, anti-choice activists at Texas Right to Life have launched an anonymous tipline to enforce the law, calling on Texans to report their neighbors for suspected illegal abortions.

The site states:

"Texas Right to Life will ensure that these lawbreakers are held accountable for their actions. Use the links below to report anyone who is violating the Texas Heartbeat Act by aiding or abetting a post-heartbeat abortion. And report any person or entity that aids or abets (or that intends to aid or abet) an illegal abortion in Texas."

Amid extreme backlash to the bill across the nation, some called on their followers to spam the line with bogus reports.

Social media users more than delivered.

There's growing pressure on the Supreme Court to halt the law's enforcement.