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13-Year-Old Spills the Tea on 'Head Over Heels' Before It Closes Today

13-Year-Old Spills the Tea on 'Head Over Heels' Before It Closes Today

On Sunday, January 6, 2019, Head Over Heels will take its final bow at the Hudson Theatre after 188 regular performances. It originally opened on July 26, 2018, after about a month of previews and an out-of-town trial at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. An earlier production was also put on in 2015 at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

But before the musical that features the music of The Go-Go's closes, 13-year-old Gigi Sieke had the opportunity to see the show.

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Check out her review below:

"When you throw Shakespeare, bedazzled costumes, love, the Go-Gos, and laughter into a pot and mix it up, you will end up with the hit Broadway production, Head over Heels. Head over Heels is a extravagant musical filled with laughter, excitement, and juicy romance. The very talented cast has given the Go-gos a new meaning to the Broadway community."

"The royal kingdom is in distress when the Oracle of Delphi informs King Basilius (Jeremy Kushnier) -the king of the Arcadia- and his viceroy Dametas (Tom Alan Robbins) that the royal family’s life will basically turn upside down, leading to the kingdom losing their beat. The King then lies and says the Oracle has spoken of good things and better things will be coming into play."

"The opening was something I didn’t expect, in a incredible way! The choreography sent chills up my spine as the use of very inventive props elevated the show. I loved when they had the snake sock puppets and added them into the scene when the King of Arcadia and his viceroy met the Oracle. The ensemble lined up behind the Oracle, waving the snakes into the air as the talented Peppermint sang the prophecy to the King."

"Making her Broadway debut, the women who stole the entire show, the one of a kind Bonnie Milligan played the role as Pamela (the oldest daughter). The broadway community needs to see more of Bonnie! Bonnie had the greatest comedic timing. Awkward silence? Pamela is here to fix it! She definitely has the beat. In the song ‘Beautiful’ I just thought to myself 'This is going to be my new theme song.' She was one of my favorite thespians in the musical, with her temper tantrums and her quick witted self. Pamela and Mopsa (Taylor Iman Jones) definitely kept their lips sealed when it came to there juicy little fling this summer."

"Sheep, servants, snakes, oh my! I honestly am praising the ensemble right now because they worked so hard and they where on point with every song and challenge they came across. The ensemble and crew did such a incredible job at making the show magical, my mind was blown! I wish this wasn’t the last week of the musical because I would love to see it again, like maybe ten more times."

"This fantastic show is all about love. Love can come it many different shapes and forms, and this production will widen your eyes to see that. The plot is heart warming like you could have a connection with the characters, I can’t lie. With the music, vivid lights, the talented actors, and choreography it made it into a show everyone must see. I loved every minute of!"

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