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AG Bill Barr Claimed Not To Know If It's Legal To Vote Twice—And Rep. Ted Lieu Trolled Him Hard

MATT MCCLAIN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images // DOUG MILLS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump encouraged supporters in North Carolina this week to vote by mail and then attempt to vote in person in the Presidential election.

Trump claimed it would be a good way to test the system.

Shortly after Trump's comments, CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed Attorney General William Barr. When Blitzer asked Barr to confirm that voting twice is illegal, Barr dodged the question before claiming ignorance.

Watch below.

Barr appeared confused when Blitzer asked him if he thought it was legal in some states to vote twice:

"I don't know what the law in that particular state says...There are some that maybe you can change your vote up to a particular term. Why are you asking me what he's saying?"

People were disturbed at Barr's apparent ignorance, but Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) threw him a sarcastic lifeline in a damningly brief letter.

In a tweet tagging the Justice Department, Lieu wrote to Attorney General Barr in giant letters:

"Federal law prohibits voting twice in the same election.
52 USC
§ 10307"

Twitter users echoed Lieu's response.

Lieu wasn't the only one who found Barr's confusion staggering.

Unlike the Attorney General, the North Carolina Board of Elections unequivocally stated that it's illegal to vote twice.