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Who Is Hedy Lamarr? The Actress Who Invented the Technology to Make the Cellphone Possible

Men have almost exclusively monopolized the role of the world’s decision-makers; here are some ...

Alabama Exit Polls

Alabama Exit Polls Reveal That African-American Women Voted 98% for Doug Jones

Democrat Doug Jones pulled a surprise win for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat against ...


Once And For All, Are Men’s and Women’s Brains Different?

Reviled former Google employee’s anti-women memo renews controversy about the differences between men and ...


Harvard Thinks It’s Found the Next Einstein — and She’s 23

Harvard thinks a female 23-year-old Ph.D. candidate may be the next Einstein.


Trump Vowed To Sue His Women Accusers If Elected. They Just Hit Back.

Donald Trump managed on his own to keep allegations of sexual misconduct by what ...

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Is Back: Will Season 6 Address Misogyny Concerns?

HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for Season 6 on April 24. Gritty, violent, at ...

Second Nexus

Who Hearts Huckabee?

SECOND NEXUS PERSPECTIVE Yes, he may be little more than an ultra-conservative ideologue. Yes, ...